Having a hydronic heating system is an efficient way to keep your home heated. The system consists of a boiler, pump, baseboards and piping. The boiler heats the water which is then pumped through baseboards in the perimeter of the house, or beneath your floors through a radiant in floor heating system.


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Rich T

Why Choose ERM?

Why Choose ERM?

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The Benefits of Hydronic Heating

Heating your home with a forced air system is highly inefficient due to the loss of heat during air transfer. Fluids hold heat much longer which makes it more dependable than forced air. Heat distribution is a lot more even with hydronic heating, making results in a much warmer home than a forced air system.

The comfort of your home is important, hydronic heating offers a number of advantages when it comes to heating your home. Not only is it more efficient, but it also provides higher air quality as hydronic heating systems do not produce dust, dirt or pollen. Hydronic systems don’t require heating ducts or a blower, as a result, they are significantly quieter than traditional forced air furnaces. Your home would only require ductwork if you had an air conditioning system.

A hydronic system also last longer than traditional air furnaces as boilers are used instead of furnaces. Boilers also require less maintenance than furnaces. Air ducts are required for air furnaces too and also requires maintenance as it can collect dust and harmful air particles.

Radiant Heating

In floor radiant heating may seem like an expensive luxury, but in the long run it is a lot more cost effective due to a higher efficiency in heating your home. Not only that, when you arrive home from a cold Alberta night, wouldn’t it be nice to step on warm floors instead of tiptoeing to avoid the cold floors?

Our Hydronic Services

Boiler Installation & Repairs

Boilers are the most significant part of your hydronic system. Without a working boiler and water heater, your hydronic system becomes useless. Our services include maintenance for your boiler to keep it in tip-top shape, installing new boilers and performing boiler repairs.

In-Floor Heating

We are happy to install in-floor heating for your home. Bathroom and kitchen tiles can get freezing during winter. Our journeyman plumbers are experienced installers for in-floor heating and are guaranteed to get the job done right.

Experienced Plumbers

No matter what your hydronic needs are, our experienced plumbers can get the job done right. With our growing expertise, we can perform your hydronic jobs quickly while maintaining the best quality of work. With over 85 5 star reviews on Google our work speaks for itself.