One of the best kitchen appliance upgrades you can do for your home is installing a new gas stove. However, what makes a gas stove so much better than an electric stove? There are many reasons as to why making the switch to a gas stove is worth it.


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Why Choose ERM?

Why Choose ERM?

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Why Have a Gas Stove Installed in your Home?

One of the best kitchen appliance upgrades you can do for your home is installing a new gas stove. However, what makes a gas stove so much better than an electric stove? There are many reasons as to why making the switch to a gas stove is worth it.

Additionally, while gas ranges may appear to consume more energy, they are much more energy-efficient than electric stoves. You could be saving 10% - 30% off of your energy bill by installing one of these new appliances. If the power went out and you were hungry, an electric stove would not work. With a gas stove, you can still cook.

In terms of cooking, it gives you a much better experience as you have more precise control over how you cook your food. Flames from the gas stove also spread out evenly below your pots and pans which can result in more even heating than an electric stovetop.

Do you have a high-heat gas stove?

Additionally, the ability to cook your food in different ways such as charring your food or toasting your food on the gas cooktop. You can’t do that with an electric stove! A high-heat gas stove will also heat up your food a lot faster, saving you time in the kitchen.

There’s also the safety aspect of it. People often forget to turn off their electric stoves because of the way they look. You may see the heating element change colour, but that sometimes isn’t enough of a visual cue for homeowners. However, with gas stoves, you can clearly see that a flame is lit if you leave your gas stove turned on. Above all, homeowners are much more likely to put out a gas flame than an electric stove.

On top of all else, nothing looks as good in your kitchen as a new stainless steel gas stove. It’s one of those timeless-looking appliances that will look great for years to come! In conclusion, treat yourself to the best gas appliances you will ever own. Put those extra BTUs to work and make your favourite meals!

What is Needed?

If you want to install a gas stove, even if it’s powered by propane, you need to have an Alberta-certified plumber do the installation for you. Above all, no matter how easy it may look to install slide-in gas ranges or freestanding gas ranges, you need a gas fitter to install your gas line to your propane or natural gas source.

Additionally, gas installation can be dangerous and should be left to the professionals! Generally speaking, a gas pipe, pipe wrench, fittings, gas valves, a supply line, and a main gas shut-off valve are needed for a professional safe installation.

Regardless, the gas fitting and installation experts at ERM Plumbing have the expertise to install everything you need for your new gas stove in your home. We have the know-how, installers, and the supplies to get the job done right.

Why Hire a Gas Fitter?

In addition, installing gas lines and gas appliances requires a gas permit in Calgary. In order to get a permit, you need to be a master gas fitter and before you can become a master gas fitter, you need to be a licensed gas fitter. As fun and cost-effective as DIY projects can be, you cannot install a gas stove yourself legally unless you are a certified gas fitter.

  • After installation, an inspection is needed.

  • An inspection can only be done if a permit was issued to the homeowner.

  • Installations without a permit can negatively affect the value of your home.

  • After installation, an Inspector normally visits within the next business day to perform an inspection.

  • Without a proper permit, if something goes wrong, home insurance may not cover your home in the event of a fire or an accident.

With all of that in mind, it is well worth having a gas fitter install your new gas stove. Proper installation is key in preventing gas leaks. When it comes to gas appliances, you should always hire professionals for inspections and appliance installation.

Have ERM Plumbing’s Gas Fitters Install your Gas Stove Today

The gas fitters and appliance installation team at ERM Plumbing are journeyman plumbers who work primarily in SW Calgary. In addition, no matter what the plumbing repair or installation you require at your home is; we approach every project with knowledge, integrity, and friendliness when we work on your home. If you want something professionally and legally installed for no leaks or problems with your gas appliances, give us a call! If you think your gas appliances or natural gas lines may need repair, we will come and take a look. However, if we don’t complete any work, you don’t need to pay. That’s our promise and why we have established ourselves as some of the best gas fitters in Calgary and Southern Alberta.