Gas fitting is the installation, inspection, repair or maintenance of natural gas lines and gas equipment. Having a certified gas fitter is a must for any installations in your home that deal with gas lines. Working with gas lines is a complicated process and has significantly negative results if installations aren’t done correctly. In addition, everything has to be done to code to ensure everyone’s safety which is why hiring a certified gas fitter is a must.


Great service! Cristian talked me through some initial trouble shooting and diagnosis on the phone and was able to make an appointment within 24 hours. He explained everything prior including price range and then took the time to explain the work completed after. I would recommend ERM!

Jessica L'Heureux

Great service!  Cristian replaced two shower heads for me.  He was friendly, efficient, explained everything.  I would definitely recommend ERM and will use them for all my plumbing needs.

Kelly DeFreitas

Very professional.  On time, efficient, cleaned up nicely after. No hassles on price. Paid attention to details and my new water heater works awesome! Even gave me some free advice for my furnace! Will definitely use for future plumbing needs.

David Jarvis

Really great experience and fantastic customer service. The technician helped disconnect my old gas dryer and came back the same day to reconnect my new one. He was very helpful and informative, and addressed any safety concerns I had. I’d recommend this plumber to anyone looking for good value and a thorough level of service.

Alexis Muirhead

Cristian and Nick with ERM were great to deal with. Quick response and they were able to come fix the problem (plugged piping from the kitchen sink) within a few hours of when I called. Would highly recommend ERM!

Brian Murphy

we have use ERM a couple of times within the last year, Christian is absolutely fantastic, on time, you don't have to worry about him not showing up. expert workmanship, clean, personable, and gets right to work. we will use him again for a basement development.

Rich T

Why Choose ERM?

Why Choose ERM?

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When is Gas Fitting Required?

Gas fitting is required when services are needed for any appliance that involves a gas line or natural gas, such as your outdoor BBQ, gas range stoves, fire tables, garage heaters, gas dryers, water heaters, etc. Additionally, it also involves running gas lines through residential buildings to install new gas appliances, or converting wooden or electric appliances to gas, or extending gas lines to garages or backyards. However, there are almost endless applications to gas fitting.

But why do people switch to gas appliances? One reason is that it can actually save you on utility bills. Gas appliances can save you up to 30% on your utility bills compared to electric appliances. Therefore, not only that, they actually use less gas than electric energy, making them a more eco-friendly option.

What Do Gas Fitters Do?

Above all, our journeyman gas fitters will determine the most efficient gas solutions for your home. Additionally, before doing any excavating, we locate existing pipes to ensure an effective design. Our installers will also maintain and service your gas appliances to ensure your system is working at peak performance.

It is required that gas fitters are certified as dealing with natural gas can be very dangerous. However, you can encounter gas leaks which can potentially lead to fires or CO2 issues, this is why having a certified gas fitter perform any gas line or appliance installations is crucial. Above all, having a certified gas fitter prevents any unnecessary hazardous situations that could pose major threats to your home or family.

Our Gas Fitting Services

No matter the gas appliance you need, we install the proper gas lines for those appliances along with the appliances themselves. Above all, our certified gas fitters are highly experienced and they can handle any type of gas line or appliance installation in your home. In conclusion, if you need any gas fitting services in SW Calgary, ERM Plumbing is ready to help.

Gas Stoves

Most kitchens come with electric stoves, but gas stoves have been becoming more popular over the past few years. This is because they are a dream to work with and can provide better heat distribution. However, in order to install a gas stove in your home, you will need to have a gas line installed.  At ERM Plumbing we can have a new gas line installed so your kitchen can accommodate a gas stove.

If you have an existing gas line, have our expert gasfitters install your new gas stove for you. However, while it may seem straightforward to install one, it isn’t. In other words, having your gas stove installed by a certified gas fitter is the safest way to do it and Calgary city code requires it.

Gas Fireplaces

A wood fireplace gives your home that cozy feel during the winter. However, gas fireplaces are a great alternative to getting that same warm feeling as a wood fireplace. Additionally, our journeyman gas fitters can install gas lines to accommodate gas fireplaces, and if you need maintenance for your existing one we can service it too. Above all, our journeyman gas fitters are here to keep you warm throughout Alberta’s cold winters.In other words, if you currently have a wood-burning fireplace, we can install a gas line to your fireplace so you can feel safe & secure by converting your wood fireplace to a gas fireplace.

Outdoor Gas Lines

However, when summer rolls in, you want to make sure that your backyard is all set up and primed for patio season. At ERM Plumbing we can install new gas lines that extend to your backyard to power all of your outdoor gas appliances including the all-important BBQ.

Additionally, summer nights are beautiful but can get a bit chilly. For instance, patio heaters and fire tables are great options to add to your backyard so you and your friends can keep the night outdoors going longer. Similarly, we can install gas lines to accommodate these items.

Garage Gas Lines

In addition, our journeyman gas fitters are experienced and certified gas fitters that can install a gas garage heater. Avoid having to start your car extra early in the morning by keeping your car warm in the garage. In other words, having a warm car to drive to work in the morning without having to wait for it to warm up, or suffer in a freezing interior can give the rest of your day a positive impact. Above all, have ERM Plumbing install a gas line so you can take advantage of a heated garage.

ERM Plumbing is Calgary’s Best Gas Fitters

Our gas fitting company provides competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality of work. Additionally, we guarantee that if we don’t complete the work, you don’t pay. We’re here to get the job done and are open 24/7. We work primarily in Calgary’s SW allowing us to respond quickly and provide dedicated service.

Give us a call today to service your gas fitting needs!