Cristian Russu

April 16, 2021

What Are The Reasons For Toilet Water Leaks?

Let’s talk about toilet water leaks. Don’t wait too long to act because it might lead to a high water bill. The two most common reasons for toilet leaks are the fill valve or the flapper. An easy test is to put food colouring in your toilet tank. Leave it overnight and check in the morning to see if the watercolours in Your Toilet Leaking? change in your bowl.

What is the most common reason for toilet leaks? Faulty Fill Valve

The fill valve controls the amount of water that enters a tank, and when it reaches its limit point the filling stops. The flapper’s purpose is to hold water in the tank. If it reaches the overflow and it goes over, then the fill valve is faulty.

If this is the case, we recommend you to call us and we will be glad to help you.

What is the second most common reason for toilet leaks? Flapper Replacement

First, check to see if the water level reaches its limit.  Once it does, if it slowly decreases then the flapper is not sealing properly. Which means your toilet is constantly refilling and wasting water. In this case, we recommend you to replace the flapper. There are so many types of flappers.  Some of them are easy to be replaced while some of them need a specific part number.

As an initial step, we recommend you to contact your local hardware store.

If they cannot help you, please contact us!

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