Cristian Russu

August 5, 2022

Every homeowner eventually runs across plumbing issues. There isn’t anything more frustrating than a plumbing leak. Corroded pipes leak and create a plethora of issues for you and your house. 

Leaks can harm your home and goods in little ways like dripping, or they can do far more serious harm. After you’ve managed to clear things out, it’s crucial to identify the root of your plumbing issue.

Below are a few potential culprits for the recent pipe leak that you had to deal with.

Temperature Variations

Homeowners in Calgary are able to enjoy the fully cool and seasonal changes of fall and winter. Although there are advantages to this, your home’s plumbing may suffer as a result. The expansion and contraction of pipes can be triggered by abrupt temperature changes. 

Although metal pipes are designed to expand and contract in response to changes in temperature, if the temperature drops too quickly, your pipes may be put under a great deal of stress and perhaps suffer damage. This can result in pipe leakage.

Corrosion of Pipes

Rust and other types of corrosion may begin to take control of your plumbing system as it becomes older. This is a natural occurrence brought on by aging, the mineral level of your water, and other factors. 

It only becomes an issue once your pipes begin to exhibit obvious damage. Considering this, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your pipes.

Issues with Water Pressure

If you noticed that your water pressure is off balance, you most probably have a plumbing problem. The pipes in your home can only withstand a certain amount of water pressure. 

In fact, excessive water pressure can wear down your pipes and result in leaks. Leaks and other persistent problems may result from this.


Tree roots are among the plumbing system’s worst adversaries. Nothing compares to having lovely landscaping around your home. A few trees could be a part of this. A professional should lay out the landscaping for you if this is what you want. 

The best approach to stop tree roots from encroaching on your pipes and breaking them or creating leaks is to do this.

Unstable Connectors

You can think of the joints of the system as the connections of your pipes. The plumbing will be susceptible to problems if the system’s pipe joints are loose. Your home’s plumbing may start to corrode with time and become more prone to leaks.


Long-term neglect of leaking pipes can cause serious damage to your entire house. Leaky pipes can cause flooding, poor water quality, warped and damaged walls, invasive black mold, and other costly damages across your entire home. 

Your home’s warped or discolored walls are almost certainly the result of leaking plumbing. 

Unchecked damage might significantly reduce the value of your house and cost you money down the road if you decide to sell it. It might be expensive to replace a wall and the plumbing that is located behind it.

You should call a plumber out to check for leaking pipes if your water is discolored or if you start to notice stained walls. Many of these problems can be avoided by having your plumbing frequently inspected by a qualified plumber.

If you need plumbing repair services in Calgary, don’t hesitate to call ERM Plumbing & Heating. Our company was established in 2010 with a simple vision to help people with plumbing and heating problems. Contact us now and get your pipes fixed right away.

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