Cristian Russu

March 13, 2017

If you live in Calgary, then maintaining a proper humidity level in your home should be one of your main concerns. As you probably already know by now, too little moisture is almost as bad as too much moisture. To keep a proper humidity level in your home, we often encourage people to purchase a dehumidifier. While measuring your house’s humidity level can be done with a hygrometer, there are a few tell-tale signs that you should never underestimate. Here 3 signs that let you know you need a dehumidifier:

1. Condensation. This one is a given. If condensation can be found on your windows or on your patio door, then chances are that your humidity level is too high. Keep in mind that what appears to be vapor or fog also counts as condensation!

2. Mold. Ah, mold. Every homeowner’s nightmare. If you were unaware of this, mold absolutely thrives in humid environments. (Could your house fall in that category?) If you have recently discovered the presence of mold on ceilings or in wall corners, then now might be a good time to purchase a dehumidifier. When left untreated, mold tends to spread fast, and spread a lot. Worse — it can even be harmful to the structure of a house and to the people living in it. So act fast!

3. Musty smell. Lastly, don’t ever take a musty smell or odor lightly. The latter goes hand in hand with mold — and as you know by now, mold goes hand in hand with high humidity levels! So don’t waste more time and fix the problem before it becomes too difficult to fix by yourself.

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