Cristian Russu

January 15, 2021

What are the Steps to Clear a Clogged Tub?

Clogged tubs are a common issue that homeowners face, with all the hair and debris that can get stuck in them.  Lucky for you, it is usually fairly easy to remove a clog in the tub through the following step by step process below.

1. Remove the Tripwaste to Diagnose Clogged Tub

Tubs fitted with an internal drain stopper, called a tripwaste, require extra attention when they become clogged. Removing the linkage helps you diagnose the problem.

2. Check Drainage Flow

Check the drainage flow by running water down the drain. If the drain fails to empty properly, the clog is further down the line.

3. Shorten the linkage

However, if the drain flows freely, the tripwaste is stretched and the stopper is too low in the drain tee, blocking flow even when it is open. Shorten the linkage by ¼ inch, tighten the locknut and replace the linkage- the drain should work fine!

How to Access Tripwaste?

To access a tripwaste linkage for cleaning, remove both screws, grip the overflow plate and lift out the linkage.

Shorten Tripwaste Linkage

Sluggish tub drainage may be caused by a stretched tripwaste linkage. Remove the linkage and shorten it about ¼ inch.

Remove Hair and Unclog your Tub

Pop-up drain plugs often clog with hair. Lift out the plug and linkage, remove the hair and replace the assembly

If these tactics do not work, then you might have a bigger problem and may need a plumber. Call our top rated team of plumbers at 403-978-7385 and we can assist you!

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